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Designing a World Class Warehouse Dubai UAE


The consequences of poor planning and design are often costly. Even small oversights, such as inadequately sized dock doors or improperly positioned rack beams, can snowball into large, head-pounding problems. The only way to avoid or counteract this downward spiral is by getting back to the basics: Reassess the current operation, then properly plan and design – or redesign – the facility to create a world class warehouse.


Qualities of a World Class Warehouse Dubai UAE

  • It must offer consistent high quality service in a facility that is economical to build, efficient to operate, and flexible enough to adapt to changing business conditions.
  • Its operational components must consists of a complex but balanced array of facility, people, equipment, information system, and products, which work as a cohesive unit to maximize the utilization of space while optimizing throughput.
  • All this task must be performed under an inflexible trio of constraints: limited time, finite available space, and bottom-line costs.
  • The dimensions of time, space and costs are the three cornerstones by which an effective and efficient warehouse is measured    

A Last Word on Space


The planning and design of the receiving, shipping, storage, and order processing spaces of a warehouse can be daunting. With so many products, strategies, and possible equipment configurations, it is easy to loose focus and incorrectly estimate space requirements. A systematic approach “covering all the bases” of warehousing must be adopted. Through out The planning process, keep in mind the primary goals of the warehouse – whether it is maximizing the utilization of space and/or optimizing throughput.


The following design tips will help warehouse managers achieve both.

  • Consider cross docking. Move full pallets from receiving, directly to shipping. This will reduce storage space as inventory is eliminated.

  • Consider a detailed slotting of products into the pick modules with ergonomic principals in mind.

  • Use advanced technology such as pick to light, voice systems and radio frequency device.

  • Use mezzanine to improve cubic utilization and reduce space requirements.

  • Put shelving over conveyors.

  • Put pallets racks behind cash flow racks for quick replenishment of popular items.

  • Use the floor location of the reserved storage area as pick locations when a forward picking area is not possible.

  • Perhaps the most important design tip is to allow for the expansion in the design. Dynamic business conditions and changing customer requirements make designing for flexibility a necessity.

 UAE Municipality Regulations (Fire Preventive Measures)

  • Goods must be classified according to their potential danger during the time of storage in the warehouses.

  • Storage in front of the warehouse exits is strictly prohibited.
  • Minimum distance of 1500mm must be kept in between aisles.
  • Storage in Service rooms is strictly prohibited
  • No storage is allowed outside the warehouse.
  • Storage is strictly prohibited in front of the fire fighting equipments and emergency exits.
  • Distance between the roof and stored goods shall not be less than 1000mm.
  • Distance between internal walls and goods shall not be less than 1500mm.
  • Main control panel shall be provided and connected to the smoke detector, heat detector, wall mounted smoke detectors and alarm systems as per municipality approvals.
  • Fire extinguishing systems such as water hoses, automatic sprinkler systems shall be civil defense approved.
  • All exit doors shall be provided with exit lights.
  • All passages leading towards the exit door shall be provided with emergency lights.
  • First aid kit shall be provided.
  • Directive signs showing showing smoking/non smoking areas, chemical substance, and hazardous material must be provided.
  • All open electrical installations shall be PVC insulated.
  • Natural and Mechanical ventilations must be provided.
  • No labor accommodation is allowed at warehouse site.
  • Accumulation of garbage not allowed inside the vicinity.
  • All additions and partitions must be made after the approval of civil defense.
  • Warehouse must be connected to the direct monitoring system.
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