Garments & Textiles

With over 20 years experience in delivering storage solutions to the Textile Industry, We have designed a variety of Storage options which are tailored to the very specific warehousing needs for Garments. Whether your requirement is for bulk storage or order picking, we will design a storage solution for you
Fabric-Racking.Our Product in this range includes Garment Racking System , Fabric Racking & Rack Supported Mezzanine .Rack Supported Mezzanine offer the capacity for higher storage density maximizing all the available cubic space. with utilization of the height available. Garment Racking  & Fabric Racking are best used for order pickings
Our Experienced Sales Team are skilled at advising individual companies with the most cost-effective  solutions for Textiles, taking into consideration the type of items to be stored along with the available area and the emphasis being placed at all times upon efficient stock control and rotation.

Types Of Racking Recommended

Rack Supported Mezzanine

Rack Supported Mezaznine








Fabric Racking








Garment Racking