Manual Loaded Cartons

Selection & Storage

  • Widespan/ Longspan Shelving Racks offer a flexible storage solution for all hand loaded items
  • Easy to assemble and adjust to suite the requirements of any store room or retail environment
  • The system can also be fully integrated with our Two Tier/Multi Tier  Racking System and  offering an almost unlimited range of storage and merchandising opportunities which can be tailored to individual customer requirements.

Site Safety Improvements

  • The defined areas where  Longspan/Multi Tier Shelving is utilised is typically for pedestrian access only thus minimising any risk from mechanical handling equipment when picking and replenishing

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Productivity gains from ease of selection lowers unit labor costs
  • Stock is more easily controlled and rotated lowering stock holding costs
  • Stock damage is minimized
  • Height of the warehouse is utilized thereby reducing operating cost